Frequently Asked Questions: Is Colloidal Silver safe for individuals with MTHFR Mutations?

We are asked a lot of questions about what you should and shouldn’t avoid when living with MTHFR mutations. With the topic of Colloidal Silver being very popular, due to differing opinions and articles on the internet.

What is Colloidal Silver? It is an effective anti-microbial agent, meaning its job is to kill bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. It is considered safe for people with MTHFR mutations, however, staying on an anti-microbial for an extended period of time is not recommended whether you have an MTHFR mutation or not.

We prescribe Colloidal silver for out MTHFR patients to use topically for certain skin infections. We also use it as an IV preparation for specific chronic immune conditions. It is also beneficial as a nasal spray or used in oral gargling to reduce certain ear-nose-throat, sinus infections, and even allergies. Once again, it isn’t recommended for long-term use, so if the problem or condition prevails, you should look towards a different alternative.

Looking for a possible alternative? Try out Quercetin. Quercetin is an antioxidant that’s found in many foods such as leafy greens, broccoli, and berries. It works to reduce inflammatory related sinus and allergy reactions while at the same time, supporting and strengthening the immune system. Antioxidants also get rid of free radicals and lessen the effects of Oxidative stress and damage on the body. Since Quercetin reduces inflammation, and inflammation is a major contributor to many chronic diseases and conditions, taking this nutrient can be very beneficial for your overall health. Click here to learn more about how to reduce inflammation. 

Interested in a multi-vitamin with Quercetin? BiomeIQ’s MTHFR Multi-Balance contains beneficial nutrients needed for MTHFR mutations. 

Questions? Set up an appointment to speak one on one with our MTHFR Experts! We offer free 15-minute consultation phone calls. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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