Living with MTHFR: Detox

Time for a Detox?

Have you been feeling fatigued lately? Having chronic aches and pains? Are you gaining weight or constantly feel bloated? Well if you have an MTHFR mutation, there’s a good chance you are feeling symptoms of toxicity.

MTHFR mutations cause an inability to adequately methylate. Methylation is essential for many processes such as creating new neurotransmitters, protecting DNA, and detoxification. Methylation is a critical process for our bodies to be able to detoxify. All the toxins our body has accumulated such as chemicals, processed foods, heavy metals, hormones, and pesticides are overburdening the body and creating inflammation. Read more about improving methylation here. 

Common Signs your body needs a detox:

If you are having many of the symptoms listed above, a detox might be what you need. Methylation is one pathway the body uses to detoxify. It starts in the liver which has two phases of detoxification. Phase 1 is when the liver must take the materials and toxins coming into it, and make them water soluble, which is the form they must be in to be eliminated from the body. Phase 2 is where methylation plays its part. Certain toxins require methylation to be eliminated from the body and this is where methyl groups become critical. Without the adequate amount of methyl groups, the toxins will sit and accumulate because they aren’t able to complete the process.

Biome IQ’s Detox P5.0 and Detox Shake P5.0 is a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver Detox. The liver uses specific vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and nutrients to drive both phases of detox. Biome IQ’s Detox combines all the ingredients used by the liver and kickstarts the liver into Phase 1 and then allows Phase 2 to work efficiently. This detox is typically the starting point for most of the patients we see in our functional medicine clinic who have MTHFR mutations. It’s important to get the toxins out of the body before getting involved with supplementing, so the nutrients have a better rate of working. Click here for more information about detoxing. 

Goal of detox: Detoxify body and reduce inflammation

The goal of this detox is to detoxify the body, therefore, reducing chronic inflammation and the uncomfortable symptoms accompanying a toxic body. This detox is needed for individuals with MTHFR mutations to compensate for all the built-up toxins that come in contact within the body each year.

Regardless of symptoms, they aren’t happening solely because of MTHFR but as a result of toxins that have built up and are creating dysregulations within the gut. The first step in feeling better is to get those toxins out. For more information on a list of toxins commonly exposed to with these mutations, read this article. 

Interested in learning more about Biome IQ’s Detox? Click here to watch our scientific director, Amy Jaramillo, discuss how the detox works and why it’s worked for the patients we see in clinic with MTHFR mutations. 

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